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KIT Royal Tropical Institute is an independent centre of expertise, education and hospitality dedicated to sustainable development. Guided by the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) of the United Nations, our knowledge work focuses on global health, gender, economic development and intercultural communication. Our education offer comprises a graduate programme in global health, advanced courses for health professionals, a gender training programme and training and coaching services in intercultural

March 21-23 2023| KIT, Amsterdam, hallo test 


Session 1
Session 2

The inspection and testing of existing foundations to assess their suitability for reuse

Session 3

The design process when foundations are decarbonized
or reused

Session 4

The construction phase when foundations are decarbonized
or reused

A keynote lecture by an invited speaker will open each session, after which 15-minute presentations will be scheduled. The session will then close with a moderated panel discussion, where the speakers and the attendees can have an open xchange of ideas on the session topic.
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– Abstract submission deadline: September 30, 2022
– Abstract approval decision: October 7, 2022
– Initial paper submission deadline: December 23, 2022
– Paper review and approval notification: January 15, 2023
– Final paper submission deadline 2023: February 15, 2023
– Presentation submission deadline: March 7, 2023