The Conference format will be similar to that in the previous editions of this conference, with some enhancements, to capitalize on our previous experience. Each session will be opened by a keynote speaker, after which papers from all around the world will be presented. The session will then close with an extended Q&A session with all the speakers. In addition, a panel discussion will be organized where the owner with his legal representation will discuss with an architect, a structural engineer, and a geotechnical engineer, the options to repurpose an existing structure that involves the reuse of the foundation. 

  • Session 1: The decision-making process regarding foundation decarbonization and reuse
  • Session 2: The inspection and testing of existing foundations to assess their suitability for reuse
  • Session 3: The design process when foundations are decarbonized or reused
  • Session 4: The construction phase when foundations are decarbonized or reused

Andy Boeckmann

Technical Program Chair

Andy Boeckmann, Ph.D., P.E., is a senior engineer with Dan Brown and Associates. Andy primarily works on geotechnical design for large bridge projects, but also specializes in evaluation of deep foundation mass concrete and reuse of foundations. Andy is a prolific deep foundation researcher, especially research pertaining resistance, construction, reliability, and integrity of deep foundations. Prior to joining DBA, Andy was a research engineer at the University of Missouri. Prior to working at MU, Andy was a consulting geotechnical engineer for URS Corp. in St. Louis. Andy is the chair of the Deep Foundations Institute’s Foundation Reuse Task Force, a member of the EFFC/DFI Tremie Concrete Task Group, and a registered professional engineer in Missouri.

Call for Abstracts/Papers

Abstracts (300 words or less) are requested from individuals interested to present at this event and should be submitted at In case the abstract is for a particular case study there is no requirement for a paper, but for all other abstracts a paper will be required once the abstract has been accepted preliminarily. The submission should clearly state for which session the abstract is submitted and in case of a case study, whether a paper will be prepared.  All papers submitted will be subject to a peer review before a final decision is made whether the author(s) will be asked to present at the event.

More information can be found in the brochure.

If there are any questions about the abstract submission please contact the Conference Secretariat,

    Key dates

   Abstract submission deadline August 1, 2024
   Abstract approval decision September 1, 2024
   Initial paper Submission deadline November 15, 2024
   Paper review and approval notification December 15, 2024
   Final paper submission deadline February 15, 2025
   Presentation submission deadline May 8, 2025