Process to accommodate extra load on the piled foundation plate – 
Jan-Jacob van Blijswijk (Shell)
The inspection and testing of existing foundations to asses their suitability for re-use – 
Marcel Bielefeld (Allnamics)
The role of investigations in effective risk management for foundation re-use – 
Henry Tayler (ARUP UK)
2023 “Decarbonization of structures and projects in practice:”  Recycling, Reduction, Substitution, and the Energy Transition – 
Patrick IJnsen, KIVI

Session 3

Sint Sebastiaansbrug in Delft, The Netherlands –
Rodriaan Spruit (City of Rotterdam Engineering)
Cost and carbon implications of different foundation solutions –
Siamak Feizi (NGI)
Pile installation fatigue damage from impact driving records: A case study of offshore monopiles – Michele Orlando (HVR Engineering)
Engineering considerations when considering foundation reuse – lessons learned –
Martijn van Delft (Allnamics)