Overview keynote speakers

           Session 1: The decision-making process regarding foundation decarbonization and reuse

Maya Sule, Rijkswaterstaat 
Program manager at Rijkswaterstaat

Maya Sule is a program manager at Rijkswaterstaat, the Ministry of infrastructure and Water Management in The Netherlands, and responsible for the transition towards carbon neutral and circular civil structures. Under her direction circular strategies for bridges, locks, tunnels, barriers, road furniture are developed and implemented in projects.

As program manager Maya mapped out the route to (re-)construct and maintain civil structures in a climate-neutral and circular manner by 2030 and transform the concrete and steel material chain. Maya obtained a Master’s Degree in Civil Engineering from the University of Kaiserslautern, Germany, and a PhD in Civil Engineering from Delft University of Technology. Previously, she held positions with other parts of Rijkswaterstaat and Deltares, a knowledge institute for water and the subsurface.

           Session 2: The inspection and testing of existing foundations to assess their suitability for reuse

Marcel Bielefeld, Allnamics 
Managing partner of Allnamics Geotechnical & Pile Testing Experts

Marcel Bielefeld is managing partner of Allnamics Geotechnical & Pile Testing Experts, where he covers projects worldwide. Educated at the universities of Delft and Rotterdam, Bielefeld started his working carrier in the development of pile testing methods and equipment at TNO Building and Construction Research in The Netherlands.

With the later experience of being the director of a foundation consultancy and a foundation contractor, as well as managing director of a precast concrete production firm, Bielefeld joined Allnamics, working as an independent all-round geotechnical consultant with special knowledge about pile testing and monitoring.

Bielefeld is the author of many technical papers regarding pile testing methods, and the inspection and re-use of existing foundations. Bielefeld is a member of the DFI Testing and Evaluation Committee and Chairman of the 11th International Conference on Stress Wave Theory and Design and Testing Methods for Deep Foundations.

          Session 3: The design process when foundations are decarbonized or reused

Dinesh Patel, ARUP
Director at ARUP

With over 30 years’ experience of a diverse range of projects in the UK and overseas, Dinesh is considered an industry expert and thought leader in the field of geotechnical and soft ground engineering. He is also an expert on foundation reuse and carried out many projects where the reuse of foundations has resulted in beneficial impacts on Clients developments.   

He has extensive experience of geotechnical design and construction of deep basements and foundations in the UK and overseas. This ranges from design and technical reviews to resolution of construction issues for schemes ranging from basements with varying wall types and support systems, rafts, piled rafts, settlement reducing rafts and suspended piled slab. The 25-30m deep basements at Claridge below a live operational Hotel and the development of the new Hotel Leicester Square epitomizes the excellence he brings to geotechnical engineering and perceived schemes once considered unimaginable.   

          Session 4: The construction phase when foundations are decarbonized or reused

Marc Lacazedieu, Menard 
CEO at Menard

Marc has wide experience in the Soil Improvement business. After receiving his MS degree in Civil Engineering from Ecole CentraleSupelec in 1996 he started on a jobsite in Egypt as design engineer and was then involved in many different projects all over the world before taking a managerial role at Menard.

The group under his leadership includes 3 business lines (Ground Improvement – Menard, Soil Investigation – ConeTec and Environmental Remediation – Remea).

Since taking the role as an executive leader in 2005 he has overseen the revenue growth of Menard Group by a factor of 15 and Menard is now established with permanent BU’s in over 30 countries. This growth was also fueled with 10 acquisitions of the period. Marc leads the overall group strategy and ensures its delivery.