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One day site-visit 2024

The Koepel in Haarlem is the former dome shaped prison building in Haarlem just west of Amsterdam. After the prison was closed in 2016 the building was used in various ways, between 2020 and 2022 it was converted to a multi-purpose building. It now houses a university and a movie theater and is the home of numerous start-ups that rent former cells as their office space. During the visit the facility will be toured, after which there will be a more in-depth discussion how this conversion, that included creating space underneath the original floor for the movie theater, was realized.

The NDSM Kraanbaan in Amsterdam was part of a heavy crane way of the former NDSM shipyard in Amsterdam. Once home to the largest shipyard in The Netherlands, it is now a vibrant center just north of the Central Station, using the original facilities in new and innovative ways. As an example, rather than tearing the crane way down, a 300 m long office building was constructed on top of it, which houses numerous companies. One of these companies will be our host for this option.

The Edge in Amsterdam is “a place where history, technology and modern architecture merge to create a biophilic and sustainable office environment. An absolute eye-catcher in the architectural landscape of Amsterdam, this redevelopment is an office where people can collaborate, develop and be inspired daily”. During the first day of the conference there will be a panel discussion with all the participants of this project (including the owner, the architect, the structural engineer, and the regulatory agency), but during the field day the participants have the opportunity to visit the building itself and to have a more in-depth discussion as the review the construction drawings.

Walking tour through the center of Amsterdam provides the attendees the option to see a range of structures where foundations were reused and to hear details on the inspection of these foundations and the construction of the new superstructures. Participants will have a three hour leisurely stroll through the center of Amsterdam, with plenty of opportunity to discuss foundation decarbonization and reuse as they walk from location to location.

Historical Quay Walls and Bridges in Amsterdam will be the topic this option. Starting with an in-depth discussion of the various activities to maintain these structures, which will build on presentation during the first day of the conference, the attendees will then visit some interesting examples of these structures to see for themselves how these centuries-old structures can continue to be in use in the 21st century.