Conference program 2nd Annual Conference on Foundation Decarbonization and Re-use (subject to change)

Tuesday May 28

8.00 hrs       Registration

8.30 hrs       Welcome and opening – Gerald Verbeek, conference chair (Allnamics)

Gerald Verbeek

Allnamics (conference chair)

8.40 hrs       Opening by KIVI – Patrick IJnsen (KIVI)

Patrick IJnsen

Van 't Hek Group, member of DFI Sustainability Committee en de NVAF Sustainability Working Group

8.50 hrs       The Foundation of this conference – Gerald Verbeek (

Session 1: moderate by Maurice Bottiau (DFI)

9.10 hrs       Keynote session 1: Towards climate-neutral and circular foundation of infrastructure – Dutch policy – Maya Sule (Rijkswaterstaat)

Maya Sule

Program manager at Rijkswaterstaat

9.50 hrs      Coffee- and tea break + visit exhibition

10.20 hrs    Towards climate-neutral and circular foundation of infrastructure–Some technical directions – Peter Dijkhuizen & Arjan Grashuis (Rijkswaterstaat)
10.35 hrs    Navigating Stakeholder Concerns towards Foundation Decarbonization and Reuse: Insights from the Geotechnical Construction Industry –
                     Natalia Rucinska (Menard)

10.50 hrs    How foundation reuse of Amsterdam’s infrastructure contributes to the city’s sustainability goals – Annemarij Kooistra (Gemeente Amsterdam)
11.05 hrs    Foundation Reuse in the U.S.: Impediments and Opportunities – Andy Boeckmann (Dan Brown and Associates)

11.20 hrs     Q&A session 1: moderated by Gerald Verbeek

12.00 hrs     Lunchbreak + visit exhibition

13.00 hrs     Panel discussion Foundation Re-use project – Johan van der Meer (gemeente Súdwest-Fryslân), Eric van Noord (de Architekten Cie B.V.),                                       Jan-Willem Hoekstra (Van Rossum), Arjan Grashuis (Rijkswaterstaat), Hilke Janssen (SOCOTEC) & Andy Boeckmann (Dan Brown and Associates),                       moderated by Gerald Verbeek

Session 2: moderate by Jaap Estié (NVAF)

14.00 hrs     Keynote session 2: Marcel Bielefeld (Allnamics)

Marcel Bielefeld

Managing partner of Allnamics Geotechnical & Pile Testing Experts

14.40 hrs   Reuse of existing steel pile foundation study-hallecks RD and HWY 401 bridge, Brockville, Ontario, Canada –
                    Tony Sangiuliano & Paul Carnaffan (Ministry of Transportation of Ontario, Canada)
14.55 hrs   Nondestructive length exploration methods for existing soil mix walls reinforced with steel beams  – Shou NISHIIE
                   (Takenaka Corporation, R&D Institute)

15.10 hrs   Wooden pile foundations: structural analysis and assessment of remaining load carrying capacity – Jan-Willem van de Kuilen (TU Delft)

15.25 hrs    Coffee- and tea break + visit exhibition

15.55 hrs    Strength characterisation of existing wooden foundation piles under bridges and quay walls in Amsterdam by mechanical testing and assessment                       through micro-drilling – Giorgio Pagella (TU Delft)
16.10 hrs    Investigations for the re-use of foundations – A case study of the Skyline project, Shell Moerdijk – Adriaan van Seters (Fugro) 

16.25 hrs    Revisiting shatin towers (HK) – reassessment of foundation evaluation and corrective solutions following recent advances in analytical tools –                             Pawan Sethi (Tetra Tech Coffey and University of Sydney)

16.40 hrs     Q&A session 2: moderated by Gerald Verbeek

17.20 hrs    EFFC-DFI carbon reduction guide – Christopher Nelsen

17.35 hrs     Closing day 1, Maurice Bottiau (DFI)

Maurice Bottiau

General Manager of Franki Foundations, Brussels, Belgium

17.40 hrs     End day 1

19.00 hrs     Conference dinner at Restaurant 1e Klas 


Wednesday May 29

8.15 hrs        Registration

9.00 hrs        Welcome and opening Gerald Verbeek, conference chair (Allnamics)

Session 3: moderate by Patrick IJnsen (KIVI)

9.10 hrs        Keynote session 3: Dinesh Patel (ARUP)

Dinesh Patel

Director at ARUP

9.50 hrs      Revitalizing infrastructure: Geotechnical design and sustainable foundation reuse in the A9BAHO project near Amsterdam –
                    Johan Schuringa (Fugro)

10.05 hrs    Maximising a foundation’s lifetime through monitoring: a case study from the port of Rotterdam – Kevin Duffy (TU Delft)
10.20 hrs    Van Brienenoordbridge in Rotterdam – Jessica Oudhof (ARUP)
10.35 hrs    Stone column testing program comparing natural stone and recycled concrete aggregates – Pascal Schauber (Keller)

10.50 hrs     Coffee- and tea break + visit exhibition

11.15 hrs      State of Practice of Embodied Carbon Calculation Tools in Geotechnical Engineering – Christopher Nelsen (Delve Underground)
11.30 hrs      Nonlinear finite element analyses demonstrate re-use of a foundation – Ab van den Bos (Nlyse Consultants)

11.45 hrs      Design concept for sustainable cut-off walls made of highly deformable filling materials – Karsten Beckhaus (Bauer)

12.00 hrs      Q&A session 3: moderated by Gerald Verbeek

12.40 hrs      Lunchbreak + visit exhibition

Session 4: moderate by Luke Deamer (EFFC)

13.35 hrs    EFFC-DFI circular economy and other guides – Luke Deamer

13.50 hrs      Keynote session 4: Marc Lacazedieu (Menard)

Marc Lacazedieu

CEO at Menard

14.30 hrs      Low carbon initiatives at Euston station HS2 – The environmentally friendly pile installation in London  – Franz-Werner Gerressen (Bauer),                                       Deon Louw & Robert West (Cementation Skanska)
14.45 hrs      Scale model tests on the lateral behaviour of new monopile foundations installed over old piles  – Philipp Stein (BAW)
15.00 hrs      Re-use of foundations by increasing the bearing capacity of the foundation soil – Elmar Buhl (Uretek)

15.15 hrs     Coffee- and tea break + visit exhibition

15.40 hrs    Rapid Dynamic Compactor (RIC) as a solution for former industrial sites with control of soil-foundation interaction in case of remains of                                         foundations – Stéphane Brûlé (Menard)
15.55 hrs    Combined wood-ductile cast iron pile (CWD-Pile) – A modern revival of a traditional technique  – Thomas Kirchmaier (Keller)
16.10 hrs    Cutter Soil Mix-Energywall full-scale test experimental setup  – Vincent Leclercq (CRUX)
16.25 hrs    Reuse and treatment of spoil from the jet grout process – Gerard van Zwieten (VSF)

16.40 hrs     Q&A session 4: moderated by Gerald Verbeek

17.20 hrs     Closing day 2, Patrick IJnsen (KIVI)

17.25 hrs     Reception