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Standards and Guidelines
Current Practices and Guidelines for the Reuse of Bridge Foundations – 2017
The objectives of this Synthesis are twofold: (1) to document current practices and guidelines used by transportation agencies for the reuse of bridge foundations, and (2) to identify challenges and gaps in information that impede foundation reuse.

General documents
Workshop Report on the Reuse of Bridge Foundations – 2014
This TechBrief presents the results of a workshop held at the 2014 Transportation Research Board (TRB) 93rd annual meeting on the reuse of bridge foundations.

Foundation Decarbonization and reuse – 2023
General description of the 1st Conference on Foundation Decarbonization and Reuse published by the Canadian Geotechnical Society.
Duurzaam circulair bouwen vraagt om gedegen documentatie – 2023
Article of the feasibility of more sustainable foundations published in the Dutch magazine Bouwaktua.

Presentation Foundation Reuse for Highway Bridges – 2019
Slides used for the ABC-UTC webinar in March 2019.
Presentation The Geotechnical Industry’s Role in Sustainable Development
Slides used for the Geo-Congress 2022
EFFC/DFI Carbon Calculator Webinar – 2022
Preconference Sustainability Workshop I DFI-EFFC Conference on Deep Foundations & Ground Improvement – 2022
DFI Sustainability Webinar
– 2022

Case studies
Foundation Reuse for Highway Bridges – 2019
The FHWA report contains fifteen case examples where foundation was reused by the owner agencies. On new construction, the report looks ahead and includes discussions on foundation design with consideration for reuse.

Building Sustainability Impacts from the Bottom Up: Identifying Sustainability Impacts throughout a Geotechnical Company – 2021
A Framework and Materiality Assesment to Support A Company Centered Sustainability Approach – 2022
Materiality Assessment Is an Art, Not a Science: Selecting ESG Topics for Sustainability Reports – 2022

Foundation Reuse for Highway Bridges – 2019 

Recording of the ABC-UTC webinar in March 2019.